An Interesting Article About Sending Kids to Camp

October 6, 2012.

We read an article recently that resonated with our team. Sending your kids to camp isn’t just about giving them something to do during the long, hot summer months – it’s about giving them freedom, the chance to make friends, the opportunity to excel at something they might not have ever known they were good at. It’s about helping them build relationships, learn more about who they are – and who they want to be. It’s about being active, using their imaginations, and making mistakes in a safe environment. Sending your kids to camp year after year is probably one of the most important gifts you can give them.

The new iPad2 will be outdatedin 3 months when the iPad 3 is released. Those clothes you buy today will be outdated and out of style by the spring when the next line comes out. If you really want to give your kids a gift that lasts, send them to camp this summer. Even when they get too old to go back — the memories, the friendships and life lessons they will learn will impact them forever. Not to mention, you don’t need to pepper spray anyone in the aisles of Wal Mart to get it. Now, that’s a holiday gift we can get behind.

Below is an excerpt of the post from Russell Roeder from

What kids need is a place where they can learn about themselves without the continuous doting eye and well-intentioned judgment of their parents. They need to feel the weird and beautiful exhilaration that comes when you realize you are a stranger among strangers in a safe place and have nothing to lose or prove. You get to discover and be who you really are — not who your schoolmates, teachers and parents expect — or hope you will be.

You can read the full article here.

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